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Why Cosplay Deviants Being Invited To A Con Is Not the End of the Fucking World

Not that anyone cares what I think but here is my attempt to get people to think a little harder.

Yes, Cosplay Deviants have been invited to attend Anime Los Angeles. Yes, they pose for photos in cosplay… and then out of cosplay. 

Not sure if this is worth noting or not, but I don’t much care for Cosplay Deviants. Not because it’s OH GIRLS ARE JUST POSING HALF NAKED HALF IN COSPLAY FOR ATTENTION HOW DARE THEY!!! I also don’t much care for the sexualization of cosplay, but I also am in no place to demonize what other people’s kinks are [unless they cause harm to another person without their consent, etc., obviously]. I probably wouldn’t mind them so much if they put effort into the photoshoots and costumes [I realize half the point is that they take them off, but seriously, don’t put cosplay in the name if you’re only going to half-ass that aspect of it]. As you guys probably know I like naked ladies as much as the next guy! And I certainly have no issue if a woman [or anybody] enjoys doing those things in front of a camera. That’s what they like to do; I like to spend my free time inside sewing and most of my social time dressed up like cartoon characters - again, I am not in any position to judge anyone.

On to the point.

To an extent I can understand why people feel this threatens ALA’s status as a “family” event. Completely understandable. Though any convention is hardly what I’d call family friendly to begin with. But, ALA will be making them adhere to the same rules they have for any programming or items in the dealers’ hall - any slip-ups are purely the fault of those who cause them, not the convention or their staff. [And who attends a con and expects not to see several people wearing as little clothing as possible? Honestly.] But, again, I understand the concern.

My biggest issue is how people are reacting to the fact that the Cosplay Deviants are hosting a panel called “Cosplay Is Not Consent.” As someone already mentioned on ALA’s Facebook page - this is a panel that should be a staple at ALL conventions, but it is notable that these girls will be hosting that panel. There have been several comments made that Cosplay Deviants have no place hosting this panel - they could not be more wrong.

These girls probably deal with a ton of creepers at conventions just because they enjoy being naked and just happen to like being in front of a camera when they do it. Any girl that’s worn a skimpy costume - hell, probably any girl that’s worn a costume period - has probably gotten creeped on. And probably the vast majority of them did not want that kind of attention. Yet that’s the message others seem to think that they’re sending - I’m comfortable with myself! I chose to wear this costume! Clearly I am looking to be sexually harassed! No, that’s not how it fucking works. Yet people don’t get that. That is why we need to educate congoers that costumes are not consent. And that’s why those girls are damn near perfect to host a panel like that.

I fully intend on attending that panel. I will support their message at the very least.

And if it takes a bunch of amateur nude models to get people to show up and learn what qualifies as consent and what doesn’t? Fucking go for it.

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